SELF 悦己 Magazine (Digital)

SELF 悦己 Magazine (Digital) December 1st, 2017 Issue Cover
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SELF 悦己 Magazine (Digital)

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  • Language: Chinese
  • Country: China


SELF is a comprehensive women's lifestyle magazine under the international celebrated publishing group Condé Nast. Advocating women’s healthy lifestyle with the motto of “Happy SELF, Beautiful Body, Mind and Soul”, SELF covers almost every aspect of women’s life, including health, work, emotion, living, fashion and beauty. It focuses on white collars’ real living status and helps them to find their inner power with a unique attitude of “pleasing yourself”. As a happiness resource for pursuing a better life, its substantial editorial content brings ease and enjoyment to all the readers. 《悦己》是国际著名出版集团康泰纳仕旗下的一本全面的女性生活杂志。《悦己》。它以倡导中国女性健康的生活方式为宗旨,以“快乐由自己,美丽身心灵”为价值主张,鼓励并帮助中国女性寻找身心和谐的最佳状态。内容涵盖包括健康、职场、情感、生活、服饰和美容等女性生活的各个方面。
  • Publisher: Conde Nast Publications LTD. (China)