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Scholastic Math magazine is a great resource for both teachers and parents with students who are learning middle and early-high school mathematics. In each issue you will find great features and articles that will help your child with his or her mathematics as well as help him or her realize the importance of them in relation to the real world. Order your child or classroom a discount subscription to Scholastic Math magazine today!

The Basics

Whether the child you care about is struggling with a particular concept or you are looking to help him or her get a little ahead, Scholastic Math magazine is the perfect resource for either need. Every issue provides you will clear and easy-to-understand explanations and practice problems that will help your child with his or her mathematical skills. Since math builds upon prior learning, it is important that your child have a complete understanding of all the basic concepts. With the foundation that this publication provides for your child, he or she is sure to succeed!

Real Life Applications

In each issue of Scholastic Math magazine, your child will also enjoy the features and articles that help him or her understand how early mathematical skills relate to the real world. Each issue has a “Numbers in the News” feature that has an interesting story as well as a math skills questions. You will enjoy seeing your son or daughter conquer the skills that were eluding them with the help of this magazine!

Common Core Standards

For both teachers and parents, it is important to be sure that resources and publications that they are providing to their students align with the state testing and standards. Scholastic is a reliable publisher for all subjects and you are guaranteed to receive a quality educational product with your subscription to Scholastic Math magazine! Help your student learn valuable mathematics skills by getting this subscription for him or her.

Help your student be successful by ordering a discount Scholastic Math magazine subscription for him or her today! 

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