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Print magazine is a unique publication in that it is solely dedicated to design topics and culture. In each issue you will find features about theories of design, how culture is influenced by it, competitions and events, as well as many other subjects. If you love design of any form, you will love this magazine. Order your discount subscription to Print magazine today!


Every issue of your Print magazine subscription will provide you with the latest ideas and trends in design. You will enjoy reading about the developments of various mediums, including print, interactive, typography, as well as many specialties. If you are a new designer, you will enjoy learning about the wide array of specialties ranging from graffiti and street art to illustrative design. Learn more about these diverse and interesting topics through this publication!


There are as many theories that designers should be aware of, as there are topics and specialties. You can learn about them all in Print magazine! Each issue will provide you with articles and features about the strategies and processes involved with new projects, criticism, education, modern thinking, as well as socially responsible designs. You will enjoy learning something new every time you peruse this publication!

Culture and Events

In addition to learning about design-related topics and theories, you will also learn about the culture around them and how they influence culture as a whole. There are features in each issue of Print magazine about how designers have changed history, famous designers and interviews with them, and other topics related to culture. You will also enjoy reading about competitions and conferences in which you can participate. There are also special features about designers that have won awards that you will be inspired by.

Learn more about design topics, theories, and culture by ordering a discount Print magazine subscription today!