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Off-road Magazine

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Get all the information that you have ever wanted to know about off-roading in one place with Off-Road magazine. You will love reading about everything associated with your favorite pastime with the help of this publication. There are articles about trails and parks, news, how to and technical articles, and coverage of all the biggest events. Order your discount Off-Road magazine subscription today!

Trails, Parks, and Off Road

Find all the best trails and parks, both nearby your home and far away, with the help of Off-Road magazine. You will enjoy reading about the best trails and parks in various states so that you can take your 4x4 or truck for a spin. Whether you are looking for a trail to use for the weekend or are planning an extended vacation with the family, every edition can help you find what you are looking for. You will also be able to read great articles about news in each issue that you receive. You will enjoy reading about the news and project vehicles in which you can invest. There are also many vehicle and product reviews in each issue that will help you with all of your project investments. You will know what to buy for each one of your projects thanks to this magazine.

How To and Technical Stuff

In the tutorial section of each issue of your Off-Road magazine subscription, you will find many features about a vast array of subjects. It does not matter what type of project you are working on, there is a feature just for you! There are articles about working on the body, chassis, transmission, drivetrain, electrical, engine, wheels, tires, and suspension of your vehicle. If you are still in need some advice for your project, there is also a technical question and answer section in each issue of this publication. You will enjoy reading and learning about ways to improve your vehicle and your trips with this subscription.

Event Coverage

Off-Road magazine not only provides you with all the amazing article topics listed above with your subscription, but you will also benefit from in-depth coverage of all the latest events. Each issue of your magazine subscription will ensure that you have all the information that you want about the events that feature your interests, particularly the Ultimate Adventure and Top Truck Challenge. There are also many other smaller events featured in the publication. Whether you just enjoy looking at photos from the events or you would like to attend one in your area, this subscription provides what you need for either situation.

Get great articles and tutorials about your favorite pastime by ordering your discount Off-Road magazine subscription today!