Medieval Kings and Queens Magazine (Digital)

Medieval Kings and Queens Magazine (Digital) February 1st, 2017 Issue Cover
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Medieval Kings and Queens Magazine (Digital)

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  • Language: English
  • Country: United Kingdom


Meet the colourful monarchs who reigned though some of Britain’s most tumultuous and dramatic centuries Inside you will discover: -A timeline of key milestones, from the Norman conquest to the fall of Richard III at the battle of Bosworth -The regal women who stamped their mark on medieval Britain: Matilda, Isabella of France and Eleanor of Aquitaine -The motives and military exploits of Henry V, Edward I and Richard the Lionheart -How Owain Glyndwr and Robert Bruce fought English rule in Wales and Scotland -The debates that still rage about Richard III and the death of Edward II -Civil Wars that rocked England, pitting Matilda against Stephen and York against Lancaster
  • Publisher: Immediate Media Company London Limited