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About Jerusalem Report

The Jerusalem Report is the magazine for you if you are seeking to stay on top of all the things that are happening with Israel. Focusing primarily on the Arab-Israeli conflict, this magazine aims to bring you all the news about what is happening in the Middle East and how all of it impacts Israel. Each issue also publishes articles about other Israel News, the Jewish diaspora, and issues of opinion. If you are interested in all things related to Israeli, you should subscribe to The Jerusalem Report.

Arab-Israeli Conflict and the Middle East
Whether you have been following the Arab-Israeli conflict for years or you have only recently become interested in it, this magazine will keep you abreast all the latest news and events. Articles in this publication feature information about Hamas, army operations, diplomatic initiatives, and anti-terrorism activities. No other resource is as all-inclusive as The Jerusalem Report when providing you with information about Israel and the events that affect its people.

Israeli Diaspora
Not only does The Jerusalem Report keep you informed of all the conflict that is taking place in the Middle East, but it also features information about the Israeli diaspora. Each issue features articles about subjects including a Jewish culture festival in Berlin, the promotion of a Hassidic police officer, the successful Jewish owner of the NBA Hawks team, and so much more. This section of the magazine publication ensures that there is enough good news about the Jewish people to balance the news of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

An Informed Opinion
The Jerusalem Report ensures that its readers have enough information about all the events in the Middle East that impact the Arab-Israeli conflict to form their own educated opinions. This publication provokes you to think about the hard questions that face the Israeli people so that you can be aware of what those in the Middle East are experiencing. From questions about how to maintain a cease-fire to rethinking the wisdom of having residential towers with threats of terrorism lurking around every corner, you will be thinking critically and becoming more knowledgeable the more you read The Jerusalem Report.

Anyone interested in staying abreast of all the information influencing Israelis should invest in a subscription to The Jerusalem Report today! 

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