iPod and iTunes For Beginners Magazine (Digital)

iPod and iTunes For Beginners Magazine (Digital) February 1st, 2013 Issue Cover
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iPod and iTunes For Beginners Magazine (Digital)

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  • Country: United Kingdom


Get to grips with your iPod MP3 player and iTunes 11. With comprehensive features and simple step-by-step tutorials taking you through each iPod’s best features and in-depth guides on how to make your life easier with iTunes 11, this is the ideal book to discover everything your device has to offer. Featuring: Getting started - Get to grips with how to get music on your MP3 player Using your iPod - Find out how to make the most of your iPod touch, nano and classic Understanding iTunes - Unlock the full potential of Apple's latest media manager Helpdesk - Frequently asked questions answered
  • Publisher: Future Publishing Ltd