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How Magazine

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How magazine is a great resource for anyone who enjoys working in graphic design. In each issue of this periodical, you will find informative articles about all the various topics related to design that interest you. There are features about the latest news, design firms, in-house and freelance work, extending your education, as well as information about events and competitions. You will enjoy reading about all of these topics and many others in each issue. Order your discount How magazine subscription today!

Design News and Events

In each issue of How magazine, you will be able to learn of all the latest news as well as the best events available for you to attend. You will enjoy reading about various projects, the best designers, new typography and fonts, as well as many resources that will inspire you to design your own creations. You will also enjoy reading about the how the career field for graphic designers looks as well as the impact that has on your salary. You will love reading about the many events, exhibitions, and conferences that you can attend to learn more about graphic design in order to improve your skills.

In-House and Freelance

In addition to reading about all the best news and events, How magazine also ensures that you are provided with articles devoted to in-house and freelance design. You will love having the opportunity to read about project management tools, software, managers, and more related to in-house graphic design. If you are a freelancer or considering becoming one, you will enjoy reading about starting your business and helping it grow, pricing your work, and many other topics that will help you to be successful.

Online Learning and Competitions

How magazine also provides you with information about continuing your education as well as competitions in which you can compete in order to gain prestige. You will enjoy discovering online courses that will help you learn new skills as well as online design tutorials and videos that will help you as well. There are many features in each issue about various competitions for many skill-sets, including in-house, promotions, logos, international, and poster designs.

You will enjoy all that you find in this periodical, so subscribe to How magazine today!