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About Horoscope Guide

Horoscope Guide magazine is your personal guide to learning about astrology and your personal sign. You will enjoy reading about your zodiac sign and what it means and portends for the upcoming month in each issue. There is also a great puzzle section in every edition of the magazine that will provide you with great entertainment, as well as many other great extra features. Order your discount subscription to Horoscope Guide magazine today!


There are many astrological features in each issue of your Horoscope Guide magazine subscription that will provide you with insight into your life and your future. You will benefit from reading a zodiagram, a personal day key, your birthday horoscope, an action guide, starscope, and there is even a planning calendar based on your sign. You will enjoy reading your love, money, and health forecasts for the month as well. Nothing will come as a surprise to you with the help of your astrology periodical!


Not only does Horoscope Guide magazine provide you with great horoscopes and other astrological features, you will also receive many great puzzles in each publication! After you have read through all of your forecasts and guides, you will love being able to do astrology-related puzzles such as astro-crosswords and by the numbers. Each puzzle has a theme related to horoscopes and you will love them all!


There are many other extras in each issue of Horoscope Guide magazine. You can find your lucky numbers for the month, read reviews of books about astrological topics, and even learn how to grow various types of plants according to the phases of the moon. You will enjoy all the various features, puzzles, and extras that you find in each issue of this magazine!

Order a discount subscription to Horoscope Guide magazine today to start learning about your zodiac sign and your future! 

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  • Language: English
  • Country: United States
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • ISSN: 8750-3042
  • Publisher: Kappa Publishing Group, Inc.