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About Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern Corps comic series provides you with another story about the natives of the planet Maltus after they evolved into powerful beings. In each issue of your subscription, you can read about the latest adventures of your favorite immortals as they wage war against the evil throughout the Universe. You will enjoy reading each of the comics that you receive and look forward to the next installment. Order your discount Green Lantern Corps subscription today to start reading!


In each issue of your Green Lantern Corps subscription, you will be able to read about the origin and evolution of the Guardians of the Universe. You will enjoy learning about how they settled on the planet Oa as well as how and why they declared themselves against evil in all its various forms. You will also be able to learn more about the sub-groups, such as the Controllers and the Zamarons. There is much for you to enjoy reading in this comic book and you will impatiently await the arrival of each issue!


There are many members of the Guardians of the Universe and you will be able to get to know all of them with your Green Lantern Corps subscription! There are a total of 117 Lanterns about which you can learn. It will be impossible for you to grow tired of this comic with all the various characters and the diverse and interesting plot. From Aa to Zghithii, you will have many immortal heros about which to read!

The Corps

As you read the issues of your Green Lantern Corps subscription, you will increasingly love the plot and storyline, but you will also enjoy learning about the structure of the society that the Guardians of the Universe have developed. In each issue you will learn about the equipment that they use to fight evil, including the Book of Oa, the central power battery, as well as the iconic power ring. You will also enjoy learning about their oaths and what they mean to the group as a whole. Enjoy learning about a society that fights for good with your subscription to this comic!

Follow all of your favorite Green Lanterns by subscribing to the discount Green Lantern Corps comic book series today! 

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