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Golf Digest Magazine

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Golf Digest is a monthly magazine dedicated to golf players, enthusiasts, and everybody else associated with the sport in some way or the other. If you are an avid golfer or you are new to the sport and just learning the basics, you can learn the tricks from the pros by subscribing to Golf Digest. The publisher, Condé Nast Publications, also publishes thee other magazines, namely Gold World Business, Golf World, and Golf for Women that are also worth subscribing to if you are a true golf addict.

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Golf Craze
Golf Digest is a must-read for those who are new to golfing, but it's a great read for golfing veterans, as well. If you are still not aware of the basics of the game, this magazine will teach you how to play the golf. However, if you play like a pro and you are basically looking for expert tips for improving your technique, you can find hundred reasons to subscribe to Golf Digest. Moreover, finding the best golf courses and clubs in your area becomes much easier when you start flipping through the pages. Between the slick covers, you will find:

• Golf technique improvement tips
• Reviews of the latest golfing equipment
• Best golfing destinations in the US
• Upcoming golf tournaments
• Golfing success stories
• Lifestyle articles

Top Golf Courses
Since the mid-sixties, Golf Digest has been ranking the top golf courses in the USA. This magazine, once nominated for the National Magazine Award, comes up with the top-100 list of golf courses in the country every year. You can also learn about newer golf courses that were recently developed and inaugurated.

Connecting Golf & Lifestyle
Golf Digest explores the convergence of golf and lifestyle. Though it a great read for any sports fan, it is essentially a lifestyle magazine meant for golfers and golf enthusiasts in general.

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  • Publisher: Conde Nast US
  • ISSN: 0017-176X