Gluten-Free Heaven Magazine (Digital)

Gluten-Free Heaven Magazine (Digital) February 1st, 2018 Issue Cover
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Gluten-Free Heaven Magazine (Digital)

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From the gluten intolerant to the health-loving hipsters, it seems that ‘gluten free’ is on everyone’s lips – and now, at your fingertips. A Google search for the term brings up thousands of articles, while on Instagram, the hashtag #glutenfree reveals more than 12 million food photos. With an ever-growing community of free-from-ers posting about their dietary requirements, gluten-free eating has well and truly transitioned from a trend to a food movement – and the demand is constantly increasing. From trendy cafés to local restaurants, chefs are dishing up carefully curated free-from meals, while commercial supermarkets and organic grocery stores have dedicated free-from aisles, stocked with both savoury and sweet alternatives to appease all tastebuds.
  • Publisher: Blitz Publications & Multi Media Group PTY LTD
  • ISSN: 2207-6182