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Foreign Policy magazine is a global publication for news and ideas. You will be able to read about significant events and trends that impact international affairs. Each issue features the world’s leading journalists and their influential ideas. Order your discount subscription to the global Foreign Policy magazine today!

Democracy and National Security

In each issue of your Foreign Policy magazine subscription, you will find great and informative articles about democracy around the world. There are articles about developed countries and their democracy as well as those countries that are struggling to form their own democratic states. You will also enjoy reading about national security measures of the United States. Learn about all the international affairs issues that are impacting the United States as well as threats to national security. You will appreciate this resource that will provide you with plenty of quality information.

Energy and Technology

Not only will you learn about how the government and security concerns impact international affairs, but you will also be able to read about energy and technology concerns that impact relations between nations as well. Foreign Policy magazine ensures that you have all that you need to stay informed about current events. You will enjoy topics such as petroleum in the Middle East, new nuclear energy developments, nations that aren’t succeeding in the race to better energy supplies, and many more topics. With every issue you will learn something that you didn’t know previously.

Economics and Finance

Foreign Policy magazine also provides you with many articles about economics and finance. There are articles about many topics including, the causes of financial inequality, the stock market, the economics of undeveloped and developed countries, and many other topics related to economics and finance. Each issue contains a wide variety of articles so that you will always have something interesting to read. You will enjoy reading about all the different issues that are impacting international affairs through your new discount subscription.

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