Fairlady Bride Magazine (Digital)

Fairlady Bride Magazine (Digital) June 1st, 2015 Issue Cover
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Fairlady Bride Magazine (Digital)

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  • Language: English
  • Country: South Africa


FAIRLADY BRIDE should be the first place a bride turns to when she’s planning her wedding – and the only magazine she’ll ever need. This issue is packed with inspiration: photo-ready makeup and hair trends, the most beautiful dresses you've ever seen, bouquets, cakes, Invitations, colour schemes… everything you've thought of – and more. And we haven't lost sight of why you're busy planning your dream wedding day: you love each other! So to make the magic last, read about the ways we express love, and why understanding that makes all the difference
  • Publisher: Media 24 Ltd
  • ISSN: 1683-4178