Death By Chocolate: Redux Magazine (Digital)

Death By Chocolate: Redux Magazine (Digital) May 1st, 2017 Issue Cover
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Death By Chocolate: Redux Magazine (Digital)

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  • Language: English
  • Country: United States


Agent Swete -- an unlikely hero comprised of organic chocolate and a member of the FBI's Food Crimes Division -- and his sharp-tongued partner, Anderson, investigate a series of bizarre, food-inspired crimes. Along they way they encounter a variety of characters including an extraterrestrial canine named Geoffrey, writer Ernest Hemingway, an organized crime lord intent upon finding the life-enabling 'eternity pasta,' and an eerie, all-devouring trio known as The Metabolators. This collection includes the Xeric-grant awarded origin tale of Agent Swete, a never-before published Death By Chocolate tale, and an essay by Yurkovich on the creation of the series. Every page has been reworked by Yurkovich, making Redux the definitive edition of these stories. Author: David Yurkovich. Illustrator: David Yurkovich. 2007 David Yurkovich
  • Publisher: Idea and Design Work, LLC