Crash Annual 2018 Magazine (Digital)

Crash Annual 2018 Magazine (Digital) February 1st, 2018 Issue Cover
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Crash Annual 2018 Magazine (Digital)

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  • Language: English
  • Country: United Kingdom


Originally released as a hardback edition, the Crash Annual 2018 is now available digitally, featuring: • 120 full-colour pages • Original artwork from Oli Frey, the artist behind Crash’s famous cover illustrations. • Reviews of new – and nearly new – ZX Spectrum titles including Crystal Kingdom Dizzy and The Hobbit 128K. • Hardware-focused content featuring the ZX Spectrum Next and SAM Coupé. • Incredible feature content including the making of Crash; an in-depth look at the Speccy music scene; the Oliver Twins on Wonderful Dizzy; Simon Butler’s SCREEN$; and previews of forthcoming Spectrum releases. The Crash Annual 2018 is is produced under licence by Retro Fusion Books.
  • Publisher: Future Publishing Ltd