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Card Player Magazine

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Card Player magazine is the world’s oldest and most respected poker publication and guide for those who enjoy playing cards. It has been respected as an authority on poker skills since its initial publication in 1988. Every issue provides readers with new strategies, the latest news, and results from various high-stakes tournaments. There are also many in-depth reviews of casinos and online sites that you will enjoy reading and learning from as well. Order your discount Card Player magazine subscription today! 


Card Player magazine ensures that you have the latest and most up-to-date news about poker tournaments, players, legislation, and more. You will enjoy reading about poker stories from other readers as well as learning about the best casinos from around the world. If you are not interested in traveling to play cards but still want to play in challenging tournaments, you will enjoy reading the features about online tournaments and websites that you can use.

Tournaments and Players

Every issue of your Card Player magazine subscription provides you with the best information about all the top players and tournaments. You will also enjoy features about poker tours, Las Vegas events, the poker player of the year, leaderboards, and many other interesting topics. You will enjoy reading all of the great articles in this periodical!


A subscription to Card Player magazine provides you with access to many different resources. You will be able to calculate your odds more easily, learn about hand match ups, track statistics, read about poker odds and outs, and other great information that will help you play better than ever. There are also many opportunities in each issue to pick up new playing strategies. In each issue, there are even reviews of poker books that you may be interested in reading.

Prepare a better hand with the help of your discount Card Player magazine subscription!