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Boys’ Life magazine is a monthly periodical published by the Boy Scouts of America. It is intended for American boys between the ages of 6 and 18 years old. Regardless of whether the boy in your life has ever been a Boy Scout, he will love this adventurous and educational periodical. Order a discount Boys’ Life magazine subscription today!

Jokes and Games

In each discount issue of Boys’ Life magazine, there are many features that boys will love, including great jokes and games that will keep them entertained both indoors and outdoors. There is a regular joke section that will give both you and a your boy a chuckle. He is guaranteed to love the jokes so much that he will want to share them with everyone he knows! In the periodical there is a section of video game news and reviews so that boys can learn more about the games they have and the ones that they want as well. You will love how excited your child gets when each issue arrives in the mail!

Outdoor Activities and Gear

The outdoor and gear section of the magazine will provide boys with the information they want to know about all kinds of outdoor activities. From answering specific questions about different outdoor activities to articles about the best gear for enjoying the great outdoors, the gear section will provide your son with great information about many topics. There are also great articles in each issue that will teach him about plants and animals that he may encounter on his adventures. There are even instructional articles about hiking safely, tying knots, building a fire, setting up a tent, and many other helpful topics. Your son will love being able to show your all the new things that he is learning from this periodical.

Hobbies, Projects and Fun

Both you and your child will enjoy all the ideas for hobbies and projects that are provided in Boys’ Life magazine. It will be impossible for your son to be bored with this subscription! There are workshop ideas such as, building birdfeeders, gifts made from nature, making lemon-powered clocks, and the list goes on! There are even articles that will encourage boys sit still for a little while and read books about subjects in which they are interested. Your child will love everything he finds in this magazine.

Provide your son with hours of quality entertainment by subscribing to Boys’ Life magazine today! 

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  • Publisher: Boy Scouts of America
  • ISSN: 0006-8608