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Bird Watcher’s Digest (BWD) is the magazine for the avid bird watcher. With the help of this magazine subscription, you can learn how to identify different species, the types of feed to attract various species, frequently asked questions, do it yourself features, conservation tips, birding festivals, gear and optics reviews, and advice on the best birding locales. From building your own birdhouses to traveling to see the most rare species of fowls, Bird Watcher’s Digest has every bird hobbyist covered. Order your discount subscription today!

Learn about Your Hobby
With a discount subscription to Bird Watcher’s Digest magazine, you can learn more about the hobby that you love with each and every issue. This publication can help you identify that bird that you haven’t been able to name for weeks in a matter of moments. No only that, but BWD helps you to find the perfect feed to lure the most elusive birds within your sight. You will have the perfect view of each and every fowl on your bucket list. Each issue provides you will helpful tips on how to get your region’s birds and those that are migrating to stay a little bit longer in your front yard.

Solve Your Fowl Problems
Each Bird Watcher’s Digest features a frequently asked questions section to help you solve some of bird watching problems. Many of these answers take care of some of the myths that you have heard all of your life. One example is whether or not a mother will abandon her nest when a person touches it. You will have to subscribe to find out! There are also numerous fun and simple do-it-yourself ideas that can help you make your garden more alluring to even the rarest of birds. Regardless of whether you want to make your birdbath more appealing or prevent birds from flying into your window, there are ideas for you!

Explore the Birding World
The Bird Watcher’s Digest magazine has four fantastic events throughout the year to which you can travel. The events include, Reader Rendezvous, Midwest Birding Symposium, American Birding Expo, and the Birding Optics and Gear Expo. Not only does BWD sponsor great events for hobbyists to attend, it also tells you all the best locales for birding. Whether you are looking for a new place to vacation or wanting to find a local bird haunt, this publication can help you find all the elusive birds for which you have been searching.

Avid birders should subscribe to Bird Watcher’s Digest magazine today!

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