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About Batman & Robin

Batman & Robin are two of the most well known superheroes of all time. You will enjoy reading this comic book series and learning about how they work together to fight the crime and injustice that is pervaded by the villains of Gotham City. As the series progresses, you will love seeing this hero pairing grow and fight together. Order your discount subscription to Batman & Robin today!


There are numerous characters featured in the Batman & Robin comic book series. While some are new and others are older and more familiar characters, each one adds to the plot and enriches the overall storyline. You will enjoy reading about Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, and many other characters from other Batman comics. There are also many new characters introduced that you will enjoy getting to know as well.


Both Batman and Robin had prodigious skills that benefit their goal of fighting injustice in the city of Gotham. Batman is skilled in martial arts and combat strategies as well as having excellent deductive skills and access to wealth and advanced technology. Robin skills are not to be ignored though. The skills of the Dark Knight himself are the only ones that supersede Robin’s skills in martial arts and combat strategies. He has superb gymnastic abilities that aid him as well. You will enjoy reading further in your subscription to learn how these two heroes help one another better their skills.


Throughout the Batman & Robin comic book series, you will enjoy seeing how they learn to appreciate one another’s skills and also learn to work together. The crime in the city of Gotham never ceases, and you will enjoy reading about how this duo attacks the rampant injustice that exists throughout it. You will also enjoy reading about their personal lives and how they handle being average people around those who do not know of their secret.

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