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Audubon Magazine

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Audubon magazine is a guide that any birdwatcher or naturalist will love. In each issue of this periodical, there are interesting and informative features about birds and their natural habitats, conservation movements, traveling, lifestyle, and more. You will enjoy learning more about birds and nature with the help of this publication. Order your discount subscription to Audubon magazine today!

Birds and Nature

In each issue of Audubon magazine, you will find fascinating articles about birds and other forms of wildlife. You can learn about different species of birds, their migration patterns, what they eat, their habitats, and the predators that are above them on the food chain. There are also articles about how bird species interact with each other and other wildlife. You will enjoy learning more about wildlife, the environment, plants, and insects through your subscription to this periodical.

Climate and Conservation

Audubon magazine provides you with great information about topics such as climate and conservation. You will love reading about how you can have a positive impact on both of these topics. There are features about climate change and its impact on nature and wildlife, such as the changes that are developing in the migration patterns of some bird species. You will also enjoy reading the regular feature:  “Galapagos Journal,” which is modeled after the research journal that Charles Darwin kept while he was researching on Galapagos Island. There are also many features that will keep you informed about federal fish and wildlife news, endangered species, new conservation acts, as well as ways that you can help the wildlife around you.

Travel and Living

You will also enjoy many features about traveling and your lifestyle. Audubon magazine provides you with information about the benefits of traveling to many different locations. You can learn about the birds and wildlife located in Turkey, South Georgia, Belize, Tibet, the Falkland Islands, and many other countries. There are also articles about how your lifestyle impacts the natural habitats around you as well as ways that you can see more birds and wildlife, such as by maintaining bird feeders or insect farms.

Order a discount Audubon magazine subscription today to learn more about wildlife and nature! 

  • Publisher: National Audubon Society