Appleseeds Magazine

Appleseeds Magazine

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AppleSeeds magazine is a great educational publication for children ages six to nine. Each issue is dedicated to a fascinating theme that children will love. The features within each issue focus on the main topic so that your child can learn and understand the subject completely. There are informative articles, great photographs, fun activities, and many other features in every edition. Order a discount AppleSeeds magazine subscription for your child today!


There are a wide variety of topics that are covered throughout a subscription of AppleSeeds magazine and your child will love them all! Each issue provides your son or daughter with informative and interesting ad-free articles about the current theme. Some previously published topics are were about animal abilities, deserts, archaeology, forms of power, architecture, presidents, amazing journeys, and many others. All of the themes are chosen and designed to help children develop an interest in the world around them as well as encourage a lifetime love of learning.


Every issue of AppleSeeds magazine provides your child with opportunities to practice his or her reading and to help him or her discover that reading can be fun. There are many great articles in each issue that are related to the particular theme. Your child will also enjoy reading the AppleCorps Adventure stories. These stories are submitted from children just like your son or daughter. If your child enjoys writing, he or she can become a member of the AppleCorps and submit a story as well!


In addition to fascinating topics and great readings, you and your child will also have access to many great ideas for activities that you can do together. Every edition of AppleSeeds magazine provides you with hands-on activities, games, projects, contests, jokes, comics, and other fun extras that are created to provide children with hours of entertainment. You will enjoy doing all of the fun activities as well!

To get educational articles and entertaining activities for your child, order a discount AppleSeeds magazine subscription today!