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Vanity Fair covers the people, issues, and events that define our times. This chronicle of contemporary culture provides access to the movers and shakers in film, music, entertainment, sports, busines...
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CBS Watch! Magazine - Your eye on entertainment - delivers exclusive entertainment and lifestyle content to readers who love pop culture and CBS. Watch! looks at America's favorite TV shows, movies, f...
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Moviemaker explores the creative process by interviewing hollywood's top actors, directors, producers, and screenwriters as well as today's hottest independent film talent.
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In-Sync Publications is a motion picture industry resource for new and used film production equipment such as movie cameras, lenses, and sound equipment.
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Film Comment is published by the Film Society of the Lincoln Center in New York City. The Society was founded in 1969 as Americas film presentation organization. The organization strives to celebrate ...
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Spanish publication covering the latest news on successful and famous celebrities involved in music, entertainment, art, movies, and more. Articles discuss cultural and entertainment news, interviews...
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Back Stage West Magazine is for the actor, singer, dancer, director, playwright and craftsperson in theater, film and TV. Editorial coverage in each issue of these performing-arts weeklies focuses on ...
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Covers the motion picture industry.
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Magazine covering the art and politics of the cinema including Hollywood, American independent cinema, European films, and emerging cinemas of the third world.
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