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Bass Player Magazine is for serious musicians who play either electric or acoustic bass. Each issue of Bass Player features how-to articles on technique, interviews with leading musicians, and reviews...
Availabel Terms: 1 Year, 2 Years and 3 Years
12 Issues: $18.99 $59.88
Country Weekly Magazine is devoted to country music and entertainment. Each issue of Country Weekly is packed with feature articles and photos of country music personalities plus music and video revie...
Availabel Terms: 1 Year
52 Issues: $130.97 $103.74
Film Comment is published by the Film Society of the Lincoln Center in New York City. The Society was founded in 1969 as Americas film presentation organization. The organization strives to celebrate ...
Availabel Terms: 1 Year and 2 Years
6 Issues: $26.97 $35.70
In-Sync Publications is a motion picture industry resource for new and used film production equipment such as movie cameras, lenses, and sound equipment.
Availabel Terms: 1 Year
12 Issues: $16.99 $33.00
Strings is written by and for players and instructors of bow-stringed instruments. Each issue contains interviews and is filled with old and new music to play.
Availabel Terms: 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years and 4 Years
12 Issues: $29.99 $55.60
The National Examiner Magazine brings you stories on everything from what the stars are wearing to human-interest stories. Each magazine also features local buzz and a crossword puzzle.
Availabel Terms: 1 Year
52 Issues: $112.97 $124.28
Texas Music Magazine is an entertainment magazine that focuses on the people, places and events that make Texas the most diverse music region anywhere.
Availabel Terms: 1 Year
4 Issues: $14.99 $15.80
Sci-Fi Magazine is the official publication of the Sci-Fi Channel, and is a leading source of science fiction entertainment, and covers movies, TV, online services, games, books, and more. Formerly kn...
Availabel Terms: 1 Year and 2 Years
6 Issues: $19.95 $29.94
Spanish publication covering the latest news on successful and famous celebrities involved in music, entertainment, art, movies, and more. Articles discuss cultural and entertainment news, interviews...
Availabel Terms: 1 Year
6 Issues: $21.48 $34.99
BBC MUSIC is passionate about the world of classical music and provides an expert monthly guide to everything an enthusiast needs to know. Covering all aspects of live events, broadcast and recordings...
Availabel Terms: 1 Year
13 Issues: $79.95 $113.75
Dedicated to musicians, jazz and blues fans and audiophiles. Focuses on roots-oriented music and includes artists profiles, record reviews and arranging tips.
Availabel Terms: 1 Year and 2 Years
12 Issues: $34.95 $71.88
Back Stage West Magazine is for the actor, singer, dancer, director, playwright and craftsperson in theater, film and TV. Editorial coverage in each issue of these performing-arts weeklies focuses on ...
Availabel Terms: 1 Year
51 Issues: $94.99 $195.00
Covers the motion picture industry.
Availabel Terms: 1 Year and 2 Years
12 Issues: $59.95 $83.40
Edited for student, amateur, and professional musicians and educators seriously involved in contemporary music (Jazz, rock, blues, electronics, etc.)
Availabel Terms: 1 Year and 2 Years
12 Issues: $34.99 $0.00
Goldmine Magazine is all about music and music collecting. It covers the full range of modern music, including rock and roll, rhythm and blues, big band, new age, classical, country, and alternative.
Availabel Terms: 1 Year
12 Issues: $38.97 $128.70
Designed to attract an audience that may not typically subscribe to a music magazine with its monthly companion CD, graphics, and photography, and life-style oriented coverage, Jazziz Magazine is on t...
Availabel Terms: 1 Year and 2 Years
12 Issues: $69.95 $0.00