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DiscountMags has an extensive selection of coin & stamp collecting magazines online that provides its customers with access to all the best publications related to collecting and selling coins and stamps. If you have a collection of your own or are interested in becoming a collector and starting one, you will enjoy reading any one of the publications that are dedicated to these hobbies. Each of the coin and stamp collecting magazines provide you with information about starting your own collection, the best sellers and dealers that will ensure that you can purchase high-quality items, as well as the worth of the items that you already have in your collection. There is a periodical for every collector to enjoy at DiscountMags. You will enjoy all of the different options for stamp and coin magazines that this subscriber provides you with that will enable you to learn more about your hobby and your collection. 
Publication for coin collectors, investors and hobbyists. Includes news coverage and price trends available hobbywide.
Available Terms: 1 Year, 2 Years and 3 Years
52 Issues: $54.97 $130.00
This magazine covers coin collecting, and investing in silver and gold.
Available Terms: 1 Year and 2 Years
12 Issues: $20.97 $47.88
Coins is a magazine for coin collectors. Each issue has a full-color exploration of coin history, pricing guides for coin and paper money, and industry news. Special features of this magazine subscrip...
Available Terms: 1 Year
12 Issues: $22.98 $47.40
Numismatic News is renowned as the complete information source for coin collectors. Each weekly issue of Numismatic News features detailed articles about coin collecting, schedules of upcoming events,...
Available Terms: 1 Year
32 Issues: $29.99 $117.00
Are you an advanced stamp collector? Thinking about enticing your child into the exciting world of stamp collecting? Whether you're a novice or a seasoned stamp collector, Linn's Stamp News will arm y...
Available Terms: 1 Year
12 Issues: $23.97 $120.00
World of Coins is among the leading authorities on the international coin market. Reports on market trends, new issues, and features articles written by top experts in the field who provide detailed, ...
Available Terms: 1 Year
12 Issues: $25.99 $47.40
Coin Prices is a pricing guide for collectible coins. This is the complete source for the hobbyist and serious collector alike. Each bimonthly issue has detailed market analysis, coin pricing lists, a...
Available Terms: 1 Year
6 Issues: $18.98 $23.70