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Urban Farm Magazine

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A guide for those in cities or suburbs looking to become more self-sufficient by growing some of their own food and treading lightly on the environment in the space they have. Articles include how-to projects, gardening basics, composting, beekeeping, roof-top gardening, preserving and freezing, and time and money-saving ideas.

Urban Farm magazine is a publication for those who live in the suburbs and the city who want to live a more sustainable lifestyle. There are ideas about growing your own food, lessening your carbon footprint, and more in every issue. Order your discount Urban Farm magazine subscription today to start learning how to live sustainably in a city environment!

Urban Livestock

There are many ways to incorporate livestock into your city and suburban lifestyle, and Urban Farm magazine shares new ideas with you in every issue you receive. If you live in the city or the suburbs, you can keep chickens, goats, bees, and rabbits in addition to growing your own garden. In each issue, you will learn about the many facets to raising livestock and how to make this a practical addition to your life. You will also learn about the products that you will get from your livestock and how it helps you to lessen your carbon footprint.

Sustainable Living and Gardening

Urban Farm informs you of all the various ways that you can live sustainably. The articles include topics such as, reusing, recycling, energy conservation, eating locally, green living tips, building a community of urban farmers, and many more resources that help you to learn to live a sustainable lifestyle. There are also many great articles that will help you cultivate your green thumb. There are zone maps to help you know what to grow and when, crop profiles, and backyard gardening tips and techniques. All of the articles in your Urban Farm magazine supply you with great ideas and advice for how you can implement a lifestyle of city farming.


Farming in the city and the suburbs is much easier when you participate in a supportive community of fellow farmers. Urban Farm helps you to find like-minded individuals who have the same goals as you as well so that you can form a new community or help you find an established community. There are also many blogs written by city farmers, forums that you can join, farmer of the month features, photo galleries and much, much more. You will love your magazine that helps you bring to life all your farming ambitions.    

Subscribe to the Urban Farm lifestyle and order your discount subscription today! 

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