New York Times Upfront Magazine

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The New York Times Upfront magazine is the perfect classroom geared publication to help you integrate news and current events into your teaching curriculum. Teens will enjoy reading about the world around them and it will help them understand the importance of what they are learning in their high school social studies courses. Order your discount subscription to The New York Times Upfront magazine today to start implementing the news into your classroom!

News and Ethics

Help your students to realize the importance of staying informed of both national and international news by having a subscription to The New York Times Upfront magazine. This classroom periodical will provide you with numerous articles that are appropriate for high school students and that relate to your curriculum. The students will enjoy reading about all that is going on in the world around them and will appreciate learning about events that matter to their future. There is also a regular feature about ethics in each publication to help your students understand that concept.

Reading, Writing, and Current Events

In addition to helping your students learn about current events and history, The New York Times Upfront magazine also helps them practice their reading and writing skills. Each student will enjoy reading the compelling nonfiction selections about national and international news. This interdisciplinary approach to learning will help your students succeed with their educational aspirations.


Each issue of The New York Times Upfront magazine also provides you with historical features to use in your classroom. Your students will enjoy reading about historical events in this publication because they will realize that history was, at one point, a current event. Help your students make the connection between the past and the future with a subscription to this classroom magazine.

Order your discount The New York Times Upfront magazine subscription today to provide your students with an excellent resource! 

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