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Covers all aspects of the design world from interiors and architecture to urban planning and preservation. Analyzes design, explores the creative process, and engages the reader through its stimulating and innovative graphic techniques.

Metropolis magazine has all that you need and want from a modern lifestyle periodical. There are articles about numerous topics that affect your lifestyle. The topics represented in this periodical include, architecture, all forms of design, products, events, projects, and mcuh more. Start living a modern lifestyle with a discount Metropolis magazine subscription today!


In the culture section of Metropolis magazine, you will find many articles about your lifestyle. There are features about education, how vital nature is to health, history, and many other topics. You will love reading all the unique features in this publication. There are always new and interesting topics about which you will enjoy reading and learning.

Architecture and Design

Metropolis magazine also ensures that you have all the information that you desire about popular modern architecture and design. Whether you are looking to implement some new designs and architecture in your own home or you simply enjoy looking at modern design, you will enjoy the features in this publication. Learn about modern architecture and how it is influencing society in every issue. There are features about how modern designs can help impoverished countries flourished as well as features about museums and architecture both domestically and internationally.

Events and Products

Not only will Metropolis magazine help you to learn about culture, design, and architecture, but you will also learn about ways to implement modern designs in your own home. There are products that will help you make your home office more modern, articles about modern materials that are better for your home, and many other subjects that will help you complete your modern lifestyle. You will also be able to read about events that you can attend across the country. Your home and lifestyle will benefit from your subscription to this publication.

Order your discount subscription to Metropolis magazine today to start modernizing your life! 

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