Marvel Adventures Super Heroes Magazine

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Marvel Adventures Super Heroes magazine is a great introductory comic series for those interested in familiarizing themselves or family members with the most popular superheroes. This comic book series is an imprint of Marvel comics for all ages, but is particularly great for younger audiences. Unlike normal comic books, this series does not have one story that spans all the issues and is not based on events that have taken place in prior series. The adventures of the superheroes in each story also take place outside of the typical Universe for ease of understanding. For a great starter comic for yourself or your family, order a discount subscription to Marvel Adventures Super Heroes magazine today!

Fun Reading for All Ages

Every issue of Marvel Adventures Super Heroes magazine is a standalone story and makes for fun and interesting reading. No matter how old you are, you will enjoy reading all of the issues in this comic book series. Whether you are an adult who has read all the comics about the Marvel universe and would simply like to add this to your list or if you know a child who wants to start reading comics, this series is perfect for every superhero lover!

Your Favorite Characters

Since each issue of Marvel Adventures Super Heroes has a standalone story, throughout your subscription you will be exposed to many different superheroes. You will be able to read about all of your favorites and even the ones with which you may be less familiar. Some of the featured superheroes include Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, and many others. You will enjoy reading about all of the greatest superheroes!


Marvel Adventures Super Heroes magazine is the perfect starter comic book series for those who are interested in reading comics, but unsure of where to begin. Since each story completes itself within the issue, you can get an idea of which heroes you enjoy reading about the most and which ones you are not interested in. The series is also not based on preexisting stories so that they are not overwhelming for first time readers who may be confused by other comics. After you have read through this series, you can pick a series about your favorite character and then start learning more about him or her through the more traditionally written comics.

Start reading comics by ordering a discount subscription to Marvel Adventures Super Heroes magazine today! 

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