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Horse & Rider magazine is a fantastic resource for people who work with horses in any capacity. In each issue of this periodical, you will receive numerous informative articles that will help you care for your horse. You can read how-to articles, advice columns, and information about training and providing for the health of your horse. You will learn something new in every edition of this periodical. Order your discount subscription to Horse & Rider magazine today!


There are many articles devoted to training horses in each issue of Horse & Rider magazine from which you will benefit. You will learn better training tactics with every issue that you receive. You can learn about memorizing patterns, horsemanship, showmanship, trail riding, reining, western pleasure, and ground work. You will enjoy reading all of the features in this publication and your riding skills will benefit from them as well.


In addition to reading about training methods, you can also learn about caring for the health of horses. Horse & Rider magazine ensures that you know about all the ways for which horses need to be cared. There are articles about feeding, behavior, first-aid, lameness, vaccinations, and deworming. It has never been easier for you to care for horses than with the help of this periodical. You will appreciate having access to this resource.


Horse & Rider magazine also provides you with great advice that you can implement into your daily training, care, and lifestyle. You will enjoy reading about ways that you can improve your confidence while riding horses in any type of event. There are also features about shopping for you and your horses, making surmountable goals for yourself, and even many fun do-it-yourself projects that you will enjoy. There is something for every rider in this periodical!

Become a better rider by ordering a discount Horse & Rider magazine subscription today! 

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