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Dance Teacher Magazine is the only nationwide magazine addressed to dance teachers of all disciplines. Dance Teacher provides practical, useful information for professional dance educators. DANCE TEACHER is the one magazine no dance educator should be without, from the studio owner to the teacher (studio, higher education or K-12). Each issue is packed with useful ideas that will help you and your students grow as dancers. Regular features include: practical ideas that will help your business grow, studio and company management techniques, travel and competition opportunities, new ideas for warm-ups and combinations, teaching techniques from master instructors, plus the annual Costume Preview Issue and the new Dance Directory, your ultimate resource for everything dance related.

Dance Teacher magazine is your go-to guide for all that you need to teach students to dance at any level. You will enjoy features about the best practices to implement in your classroom, how to maintain the business side of a studio, staying healthy and teaching your students to do the same, and many other topics. You will enjoy all of this and more in every discount issue of Dance Teacher magazine that you receive. Order your subscription today!


In each edition of Dance Teacher magazine, you will find many great features that will help you hone your teaching skills. There are many tutorials to refresh you on certain skills as well as help your students learn them. You will also enjoy the features about preparing your dancers for competitions and recitals so that they will always look their best. There are even articles about the history of dancing which is information that you can pass on to your students to help them gain a greater understanding of the talent to which they are so dedicated. You will appreciate all the tools and resources that you have at your disposal when you have a subscription to this magazine.


There are many features in every issue of Dance Teacher magazine that will help you with the business side of teaching for a living. If you own or plan to own a studio, you will love all the tips and advice that you find in this publication. There are topics ranging from how to finance your business to writing faculty bios for your website. You will enjoy all of the features and there will always be information that will relate to your particular situation!


Health and fitness are two key aspects of being a good dancer. Dance Teacher magazine provides you with articles and features about how to keep yourself healthy as well as teach your students how to do the same. There is even information about how to tell if the psychological habits of any of your students are unhealthy. You will enjoy reading all the nutritional, training, and injury prevention information that you can find in this publication.

Become the best teacher that you can be with the help of your discount Dance Teacher magazine subscription! 

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