Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a general rule, allow between 8-12 weeks for your first issue to commence. This time frame is industry standard. In general, you can expect titles which are published more frequently to arrive quicker than titles published quarterly, for example. Also keep in mind that some magazine publishers pre-print mailing labels in advance in order to save money on printing costs, and in some cases this can delay the arrival of your first issue. If for some reason you have been waiting over 12 weeks for your first issue, simply contact us and we'll look into your order right away. Another option would be to contact the magazine publisher directly.

  • We do not do forced automatic renewals. For those who do not want to miss any issues, and wish to lock in the discount they got, we offer DiscountLock. If you are enrolled in DiscountLock, we will automatically renew your subscription at that the same discounted price, if available, before the end of your ordered term. This means you won’t have to worry about paying a higher price when at time of renewal and you won't have any disruption in your subscription service. To check to see whether you’re enrolled in DiscountLock, please click here.

  • Often times publishers will send you a renewal notice/invoice when your subscription is coming to an end. These mailings do not come from us. If you already renewed your subscription or are enrolled in DiscountLock, please ignore these notices. If you do not wish to renew your subscription nor are you enrolled in DiscountLock, please ignore these notices. To check to see whether you’re enrolled in DiscountLock, please click here.

  • At this time, we only deliver to the U.S. and Canada. Please visit our Canada site at

  • Whether you just placed your order with an incorrect address, or you recently moved and need to update your address ASAP, you can log into your account from our homepage and update your address from within your my account screen. You can alternatively directly contact the publisher and notify them of your new address.

  • Yes, definitely. Before you add a magazine to your cart, select the radio button "Renew my Subscription". Once the publisher receives the order, they will tack on the additional year(s) to your current account with them. Ensure that the delivery name and address matches the current subscription exactly to avoid a duplicate account being created.

  • You certainly can. Our ordering system allows you to specify addresses for each individual magazine subscription in your order. Buy them a gift subscription for their birthday, or for the Holidays!

  • Yes, DiscountMags has implemented a unique feature in our ordering system where you may specify a unique delivery addresses for each magazine in your order if needed.

  • If you're receiving two issues of the same magazine, the problem is either you ordered the same magazine twice, or you subscribed as a new subscriber while you already had a current subscription. In order to resolve this problem, please contact the publisher directly and inform them of the situation.

  • If you are not completely satisfied with your subscription within 6 months, we are always willing to work with you. In most cases, we will refund you for any undelivered magazines and cancel your subscription. In some instances this is not possible, however, and we will work closely with you to ensure you are completely satisfied.

  • The easiest way to do this is to contact the publisher directly, not us. Most publisher's have a subscriber services feature on their web site where you can check on your subscription status and change your address. Use a search engine such as Google in order to find a publisher's web site (if you're still having trouble, just contact us and we'll provide you with their phone number).

  • After receiving your confirmation e-mail, and there is an error with your order, please contact us and let us know exactly what the issue is. The sooner we are made aware of the error, the easier it'll be for us to adjust before we send it in for processing.

  • Yes, we do ship to APO addresses.

  • If your print subscription includes digital/online access, you will need the account number found on the magazine label. Please ensure to remove the 0's from the front of your account number. For example, if your magazine label reads 0000123456 - then your account login number is 123456.
    magazine label

  • The reason your coupon code may not have been applied is due to the possibility of your browser being linked to a cash back or rewards site (e.g. Ebates, ShopAtHome, an airline or hotel partner, etc.). Our specially discounted offers cannot be combined or stacked with cash back, points, or rewards unless specifically endorsed by the partner.

  • When you submit an inquiry to our Customer Service team, you should receive a prompt response within 48 hours. At times, however, our responses may end up in in your spam box due to your e-mail provider's filters. Please kindly check your spam box folder and if you are unable to find our response, you may contact us again.

  • If your question is not listed on this page, you have several options to get in touch with us.